I've made nine mice of varying sizes, and turned three of them in Winged Angel Mice. Tiny is the smallest mouse, the rest are the size of adult white mice, so technically they're all life sized, depending on the species.
Some kinds of fancy mouse I've read can reach a foot long (with tail).
My longest one here is 8" with the tail.



Nosey (above)

Rumpy and Pumpy



Natty (above)

Tiny (below)

Below; Chubby, Sprightly and Nosey at large in the kitchen...

Here's 'Crossing Over'. Bronze with steel base, 18" x 10" x 4" edition of 25

Here's Angel Chubby...

Here's Winged Angel Pugnacious...

And here's Winged Sprightly. All these Angel Mice are bronze with a silver patina.

Taking the early morning air...

Up to their usual pranks, this time on YouTube...

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